Providing materials to build modern, energy efficient, sustainable and affordable homes.


The Green Life Building Panels produced using the EMMEDUE Technology, can be made to work with any design.  The integral Fire, Acoustic and Thermal resistance built in by default allow the building fabric to work with designers to provide a beautiful home that doesn't cost the earth.   A Modern Method of Construction (MMC) that provides value and quality.  Simple to use in its  basic form it can be dressed to represent any finish from brick to timber or render as standard. With a low carbon footprint the panels can be used in a range of applications including on-site, off-site and precast  structures.  If you want bespoke panels, shapes or alternative core materials we are here to help.  Our NEW factory in Corby will be pleased to supply the market with a UK made Advanced Building System. 

REDEFINING Modern Methods of Construction.

The combination of 35 years of know how from EMMEDUE of Italy combine to provide the accuracy of factory manufacturing with on site installation and finishing.  Any design with any finish is possible.  The Green Life Building panel factory will produce up to 2000 m2 of panel per day to support the delivery of UK homes.

With over 100,000,000 sq m installed around the globe over 35 years, the system has demonstrated its ability to work in all environments including earthquake, hurricane and tornado zones.  Used as a stand alone, whole home product or use it with traditional construction methods to create the future. 

In addition to the factory produced / site installed  MMC panels  GLB can also provide instant accommodation direct from the factory .  Using standard design templates or bespoke designs the company can ship stackable modules from 3m to 4m wide and from 6 - 10m long as individual home units or stacked to create larger dwellings.  Whichever the choice, a well insulated solid construction fully finished is assured.