At Green Life Buildings, we manufacture and supply a range of SIP panels for customers across the construction industry. Our innovative panels are designed to offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to more traditional building materials.

Two of our most popular products are GLB M2 single panels and GLB M2 double panels. As the name suggests, there is clearly a difference in the size of the two products. To help you to make a fully informed decision about which of our panels is best for you, here are some of the key features and applications of each option.

GLB M2 single panel features and benefits (Structurally Insulated Panel – SIP)

single panel

GLB M2 single panels consist of a strong but thin steel wire lattice which encloses expanded polystyrene. The panel is extremely lightweight, making it easy to handle and install on site. Once the panel has been cut to size and installed, a layer of concrete on each side is applied and that is all that is needed, and any additional products/finishes wanted can be used (render, cladding, brick slips, etc.).

Single panels are extremely adaptable and can be used as a supporting structure for buildings with up to four floors. Once the structural concrete has been applied to both sides of the panel, it can be used for a range of applications including:

  • Walls
  • Partitions
  • Curtain walling
  • Floors (other panel types can be used for applications such as large spans)
  • Roofing

GLB single panels have been used in all types of buildings from residential properties to larger commercial buildings.

GLB M2 double panels features and benefits (Insulated Concrete Form – ICF)

double panel

GLB M2 double panels are insulated concreate forms (ICF) or SIPs with the perfect solution for creating reinforced concrete walls. The panels are extremely strong and can be used for load-bearing walls and retaining walls and a typically application is for basements. Double panels are constructed using two single panels which are joined by horizontal connectors. This creates a hollow core to the panel which is then filled with concrete for strength and stability.

Double panels are an extremely versatile product. They can be shaped as required and cut into different sizes. The thickness of panels plus core and characteristics of the concrete can also be adjusted to meet the project requirements. For example, reinforced concrete can be used for increased stability while the concrete core can be increased in thickness for further robustness.

Once the panels are installed, the outside faces can be finished in virtually any way (render, cladding, brick slips, etc.).

Both GLB M2 single and double panels are lightweight and thermally efficient (both single and double panels can be used in PassivHaus builds), requiring no cranes for on-site moving and can be finished on-site to meet your requirements. If you’d like to find out more about GLB M2 single and double panels or any of our products or services call Green Life Buildings on 0330 1332 463 or send us a message online.

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We know you are under pressure to reduce construction costs and build time, while also building in a more sustainable way. Our building system will provide you with greater speed of construction, a lower carbon footprint and better value than traditional bricks and mortar, steel, or timber frames. So, why not change the way you build today?

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